Zephan Chan Yu Yun

Director of the Institute of Ergonomics and Hygiene

Zephan Chan, is the Director of the Institute of Ergonomics and Hygiene. He provides the scientific leadership for the team of occupational hygiene and ergonomics consultants and researchers. He is a Registered Industrial Hygienist and practices occupational ergonomics for over a decade. Zephan is an experienced trainer in the field of ergonomics and trained many professionals over the years through the IOHA/OHTA course “Ergonomics Essentials”. He also teaches Occupational Safety and Ergonomics to undergraduates at The University of Newcastle.

Zephan Chan is also a certified UX analyst and has research and professional interest in the impact of user interfaces on operational, health, and safety risk in modern automated workplaces. He is also continuously exploring how new sensors and personal wearables technology can provide a better collection of data for the improvement of ergonomics.